No Shows and Cancellations

(effective beginning December 1, 2022)

Dear Dog and Cat Family,

After careful consideration, it has been determined that it is time for us to implement a No-Show/Cancellation Policy. This decision has not been an easy one as we do not wish to charge our clients unnecessarily. However, we feel it is in the best interest of all our patients. Our schedule can easily be booked a week or more in advance and when clients do not show up for their appointments, it takes that time away from another pet in need of care.

You’ll notice that our fees for a same-day cancellation or rescheduling are low, and the first and second No-Shows have a reasonable fee. However, if No-Shows exceed 2 times, we will charge an exam fee on top of the No-Show Fee, yet the exam charge doesn’t go towards the missed exam but is rather a credit towards the rescheduled appointment. Our main goal with this policy is to reduce no-shows for the benefit of our clients and staff, not generate revenue.

In addition, please utilize our Pet Desk app (iOS or Android) to get appointment reminders!  Or you can always ask Siri (iOS) or Google (Android) to remind you – just make sure you ask for a ‘day early’ reminder. For example: “Hey Siri, on December 10th please remind me that Rover has a vet appointment tomorrow.”

Here is the new policy, effective December 1, 2022:

Cancel or Reschedule Prior to Appointment:

  • Cancel or Reschedule PRIOR DAY or earlier: NO PENALTY, as this allows us to fit in another pet in need of care. If it’s after hours and you need to cancel your appointment for the next day, send us an email.
  • Cancel or Reschedule SAME DAY: Appointment or Boarding is $10 Fee, Surgery is $20 Fee. May be paid at next appointment. For same-day cancellations, it is best to call, but email is also acceptable.

No Show for Appointments:

  • No Show Appointment (1st & 2nd time): $25 Fee. Must be paid prior to scheduling another appointment.
  • No Show Appointment (3rd time): $25 Fee + $50 Exam Charge. Must be paid prior to scheduling another appointment. Note that the Exam Charge will be used to cover exam charge of next scheduled appointment.
  • No Show Appointment (4th time): no more service (be sure to let us know your new care provider so we can transfer records)

No Show for Surgery:

  • No Show Surgery (1st time): $50 Fee. Must be paid prior to rescheduling.
  • No Show Surgery (2nd time): $50 Fee + 10% of Surgery Estimate as a Deposit. Must be paid prior to rescheduling.

No-Show for Boarding:

  • No-Show Boarding Reservation: $10/Night Reserved per Pet. Must be paid prior to scheduling any type of service.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re here, and available!

The Dog & Cat Clinic Team